UK based telephone and online integrative therapy, supervision and coaching (with counselling, yoga, EFT, NLP and crystals)

Are you an integrative counsellor, coach, yoga therapist or multiskilled practitioner?

Would you like to feel more relaxed about the way you integrate different tools and collaborate with your clients? 

Many of my supervisees worry about finding the 'right way' to integrate. 

Yet, the more relaxed and embodied we are, the more appropriately, ethically and effectively, we can serve our clients. 

Just by being ourselves.  

I created this free, 14 minute yoga nidra especially for multiskilled therapists, therapeutic coaches and integrative counsellors like you.  

Obviously, it doesn't replace the need for good traininig, CPD and supervision but it can help you access your inner wisdom.  

By relaxing into your work, you can be more present for your clients as you more easily draw on your skills and experience to intervene appropriately and collaboratively.