UK based telephone and online integrative therapy, supervision and coaching (with counselling, yoga, EFT, NLP and crystals)

Psychosynthesis is a holistic, transpersonal and humanistic form of counselling with psychodynamic roots. 

Telephone psychosynthesis counselling and online psychosynthesis counselling can help you explore what's trying to emerge at a soul level, helping you access your inner wisdom as well as working with practical day to day issues. 

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Telephone EFT and online EFT - emotional freedom technique / tapping - helps you release blocked energy, reducing stress and other symptoms. 

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Online coaching with yoga and meditation offers a way of becoming friendlier with your own body and mind. 

I also teach local Yoga and Meditation and Sleep Yoga classes at Benton Hall.

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Telephone coaching with crystals and online coaching with crystals can help you focus on your goals, tap into your intuition, support deeper meditation and more.

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Telephone life coaching and online life coaching can help you identify what you want out of life and support you in making it a reality. 

Telephone therapeutic coaching and online therapeutic coaching offers you the space to work with goals and a future focus while also addressing deeper issues as required. Click HERE for more information.

Self-care workshops, talks and consultancy can help your colleagues and staff better manage stress, become more efficient and at ease. Click HERE for more information.

Telephone NLP and online NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) offers tools to help you set and reach goals that work with your whole life. Click HERE for more information.

Telephone supervision and online supervision can help you see your practice more clearly, offering you the space to reflect and grow. Click HERE for more information.

These one off bespoke holistic sessions can be experienced online or in Witham, Essex. Click HERE for more information.