UK based telephone and online integrative therapy, supervision and coaching (with counselling, yoga, EFT, NLP and crystals)

I help people with anxiety to work with their whole selves - mind, body, heart and soul - to feel calmer, deal with the underlying causes and make simple and sustainable changes.

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Palpitations, tremors, an impending sense of doom, sweating, shaking, feeling unable to even catch your breath make anxiety symptoms sometimes feel like you're being taken hostage by your own body. 

Anxiety, panic attacks and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can have an enormous impact on your quality of life (especially as we so rarely ask ourselves what will help but often beat ourselves up for already feeling bad) but there are many ways to manage anxiety. 

My background and personal experience quickly made it a favourite area when supporting clients (I only wish I’d had access to these tools much earlier on!).

According to Anxiety UK, 15% of the UK population struggles with anxiety. 9.2% of the population has mixed anxiety and depression making it the biggest mental health issue in Britain. 

If you're not sure if you have it, you might want to click HERE for this NHS self test (as well as seeing your GP).

As you probably already know, being told to ‘get over it’ does little to help but with 80% of the signals between body and brain going from body to brain, we can use our breath and body (yoga and other movement) to help the brain and nervous system calm down. 

How I work

I take a holistic approach with online therapy, telephone counselling, online or telephone coaching (with counselling, yoga, NLP, EFT and crystals), helping you work with your whole self for instant relief as well as getting to deeper, underlying issues. 

Counselling can help you gain a better understanding of the root causes as well as identifying personal triggers and putting more support in place for those times. 

Yoga therapy for mental health and wellbeing blends yoga, psychotherapy, neuroscience and mindfulness to help you learn about what is happening in your body and brain when anxious, as well as learning practical mind-body techniques to help you calm your system down. With practice, as well as being able to calm yourself anytime and anywhere, you can even retrain your brain and nervous system.

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 I can help you manage your anxiety by: 

* listening to you and offering support 

* teaching you about the role of the body and brain in anxiety so you can work with your whole self to calm down 

* teaching you practical, grounding skills you can use at home, work, on the train and so on 

* encouraging your growing resilience as well as quick fixes 

* helping you understand your anxiety so you can better manage it yourself and ever 

* supporting you in finding the opportunities for growth and transformation in this challenging situation.

It’s not a matter of waving a magic wand and never feeling anxious again but, by better understanding your own body, mind and spirit, you’ll be able to stop anxiety running your life. You can, kindly and gently, expand your comfort zones in a way that is sustainable and life-enhancing for you.

Between 2013 and 2017, I was one of Anxiety UK's approved therapists.